Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Nice evening

There were a couple of times when I worried if rjk was OK, and a couple of times when I wondered if Jan was OK, cos they looked fed up or worried or whatever. And there were a couple of moments when I didn't feel terribly OK, just a bit out of it really. Other than that I had a really nice time though. Rjk says Jan and I were very sweet, and I think I might be inclined to conclude as much too. Mmmm nice. And Simon (T) was nice to me in one of my faffy moments too and much appreciated. Very huggy, very lovely, mmmm sweet, must try not to think of as more than cuddly friend. Anyway. The comedy double act of Gareth and James Aylett was rather fun too. I like these guys, I wonder why I don't see more of them. Amused James doesn't remember having met me before, but it was probably at random parties at which there were many other people he didn't know very well so that's OK.

Scraped in at bang on 70 sins, even once I include the strawberry bootlace and the couple of pringles, so that's OK then, though if I'd skipped on those and the couple of squares of chocolate I'd have had enough left for a curry later in the week. This is the hazard of parties though, even when I did take along sin free chips and dip. Oh well.

Tomorrow seems likely to be the odd combination of The Sound of Music and trying on corsets round at Sion and Jan's. Don't want to make Sion feel too left out though, so I guess I should try not to be *too* snuggly with Jan while he and rjk are around.

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