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I am a muppet sometimes

But by and large a happy one. Mike's a sweetie to put up with me a) encouraging him to flirt with people and then b) going wibbly about it. Yes, yes, I *know* I'm supposed to be the more poly one. That doesn't mean I make sense. I think I have been thoroughly convinced he's not going to suddenly go off me as a result of finding other people cute too though, even if they think he's cute too. Which he is of course. No doubt there'll be more small twinges, but I'll get over it in time. And it's not as if I'm not just chuffed for him if *Richard* pulls (these days, anyway). Funny old world.

Anyway, I was wibbly and ill yesterday, but felt better enough after talking to people to go to the pub where I had a nice time, talked to various people, played on the quiz machine, and got to take part in strange electrical experiments with Clare, Ian and Norway in Relativity's kitchen after closing time. Amazingly was in the office by 9:30 despite being still in bed at 9:05. Vaguely productive morning, and a nice lunch with ADW. I'm doing my best to give him a reputation apparently, simply by being seen with him in town by various people (today it was college porters and a chap called Charles who apparently used to run the Go club). He left me to do my underwear shopping in M&S on my own - but he was right, even just trying to buy plain black sensible knickers is far too complicated, given how many different shapes and sizes they come in. This isn't *just* because I'm too lazy to do the washing, though it might have helped.

So far no concrete plans for this weekend. Jan wants me to join her for the miscm34t in oxford, but I'm not sure I'm well enough, and I'm certainly feeling too tired for it at the moment. We shall see. Clare Izard has invited us to her 30th party Saturday evening, but I'm not sure if we're going. Seems to be likely to be very few people I know there. And I don't feel like I know Clare very well either. Mostly looking forward to a couple of days to relax, and hopefully spend some time with both my lovely blokes.

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