Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

The last couple of days.

Am running out of inspiration for subject lines, but I'll keep writing dull ones if necessary: makes things easier to find later. Had a really pleasant couple of days. Friday afternoon Simon came round (since he's on holiday) and we sat and nattered and drank coffee and played one of my board games. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Then I dashed off to the Free Press for a quick drink with Owen, which turned out also to involved Adam, Colin, Jan and Richard, plus a colleague of Adam's called Ruth and a friend of hers whose name I didn't catch. A very pleasant group, and people we don't see often enough. Someone invent somewhere nice and cheap to live which is closer to here than Bury, and Colin can move. Then I dashed off *again* to meet Jamie, Ned, Beth and Mike for a curry at the Saffron, which was lovely. Really nice to see Jamie again. And the food is pretty good. Then we all headed back to Ned's place, which is rather nice, and sat around drinking with the addition of Ollie, who was a Caius choir person now doing a PhD in Classics, who seems very nice. And not even too bemused by everyone piling on top of each other on the sofa. Mike and I ran away when Jamie got to the stage of throwing water at people, and escaped only slightly damp.

Saturday we had a long lie-in before breakfast around 1pm. Kind of disturbing having Ian making the first coffee of the day and still being more compos mentis than I was. Then I let Mike head off to the gym and the office and went home to read Chalet School books all afternoon, and make far too much dinner for me and Richard. Very cheating food, though nice. And I made a dent in the washing up while it was cooking, which was just as well, as it's been trying to take over the kitchen all week, and even the heroic attempt Richard had already made on it hadn't done much to improve matters overall. And then we went to the Old Spring to join Kate who'd been nagging everyone to come along. I nearly wimped out since I was a bit tired, but I'm glad I didn't, since then I would have missed the elaborate surprise which Kate had been planning. It's nice to go to the pub and find someone who you didn't expect to be around there: rather more so if you thought they were still in Australia! Absolutely lovely to see Sue, and hilarious watching as other people trickled along and almost all of them pulled very similar faces to mine. And we all had fun apparently, despite the price of drinks.

I had another heroic lie-in today and got up even later: after rjk had gone out walking. Currently eating a peculiarly cosmopolitan lunch (samosas, prawn crackers and coleslaw, washed down with sugar-free redbull) and the washing up is defeated. And hopefully later Ian, Mike and I can find a fourth for soe bridge. In the meantime I propose to chill out and just enjoy it being Sunday afternoon.

And last but not least: Happy Birthday Jon and Karen. Hope you both have a lovely day.

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