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Is it really Thursday already?

As a teenager I often agreed with the sentiment expressed by Arthur Dent "I never did quite get the hang of Thursdays". These days I seem to enjoy them more, and usually I look forward to the evening pub trip. Another bright crisp autumn morning today, and a nice brisk cycle into work, with a wave at Kirsten en route. Quiet day at work, though I got a couple of useful bits and pieces done it was a slightly less productive day than some have been recently. Still I've had a good week or so, which I'm pretty pleased with.

Lunch with Mike in town we decided it was sunny enough to get spuds from the van and eat in the churchyard: so of course it turns out the sun is a lot lower in the sky than a couple of weeks ago and only a small sunny patch remained. But we bravely sat in it anyway, and the grass was only slightly damp. Odd to be in town in term again, definitely much busier in places. Spotted a couple of other people with brightly coloured hair too. Cycled home through more sunshine, having been hailed by a Henry from a balcony, much to my confusion - took me a while to work out where the sound was coming from! Realised that I really do have a smile for everyone when I'm feeling cheery: any age, male or female, any form of transport - even grumpy taxi drivers, and indeed even for some creatures who aren't even human: grinned at one cat and one shiny spider's web on the way home too.

Decided on getting home to actually get my arse in gear and do some bike fettling. So now I have clean rims, new brake blocks nicely adjusted, the front mudguard and reflector are attached again, the tyres are pumped up fully and the saddle is an inch higher. Will see if that's too high tomorrow I guess. After that I geeked a bit, then dozed, and all of a sudden it was 9ish and rjk was getting home from karate! Not sure how that happened, but ate and then decided not to join him when he went out to the pub. Stayed home and read instead. Having finished one book yesterday and another today I'll have to write some blurbs for them tomorrow.

So it's been a fairly lazy day really and I'm just feeling quietly content now. Which must make it bedtime. Na night.

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