Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Lots of random bits of perl. For sending messages to new users, and for pulling bits of data about users from a dbm file from the CS. Terribly exciting stuff. Mostly a case of converting original programs (which in some cases were last edited in 1994!) from perl4.0 to perl5.8. With a bit of hacking of functionality around the edges. Oh and another one for deleting bits of data from a password entry file, but that one was from scratch. Will see what Caroline thinks of them all tomorrow.

Have ordered a small quantity of clothing online, jeans for 20 quid, combats for 11 quid and a combat-style long skirt also for 11 quid. All in black naturally. And all in a size 22. Tired of having not enough clothes for work, and those I am wearing being too tight for comfort. Maybe I'll get thin enough they won't fit quite quickly but they were cheap, and they all have belt loops :-) Small parcel of bits from ebay arrived today: hair dye and 7" singles. Have more rose red, a proper bright poppy red, white toner for blonde hair, and ebony black. Plenty of choice. Singles are Siousxie: This Wheel Is On Fire and Happy House, Squeeze: Cool for Cats and PIL: This Is Not A Love Song. Edit: Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention, the Squeeze is on pink vinyl.

Have been carefully not napping this afternoon, since yesterday's long afternoon nap made it a little difficult to sleep last night. Still a lot perkier today than I was yesterday. Though cycling into work was hell I did at least have a glorious fast run home in the sunshine, which reassured me it was just the headwind. Yeah I am unfit, but not completely so. Weather alternating between sunshine and torrential downpours is kind of pretty really, if a little dangerous. Maybe I ought to have tried to find cheap waterproof trousers too. Still playing CNPS, but not getting anywhere fast. Went through 25-29 in about a week after Reading, and have got no further since, while Mike is storming ahead and now looking for 44. Still, no doubt 30 will turn up eventually.

Quiet night in tonight, less crime telly than usual as they've moved one of the CSIs to Wednesday instead, gits. Hopefully vaguely nice dinner anyway. Oh and since I have a new icon I might as well use it here, picture from Tom, from Becky's party on Saturday. There's THHGTTG now anyway.

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