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Lovely weekend.

Films and good compny on Friday night.

A lovely long lie-in on Saturday, followed by a nice potter round town looking for bad taste outfits in the afternoon with Mike, a quick bite to eat with rjk at home and then Becky's party, which was fun. Lots of brilliant outfits, lots of people to talk to, and more cake of more varieties than you could imagine. I rather liked the marmite flapjacks actually. Simon's fruitcake was lovely, though I was less sure about the curry flavour muffin. Peter's tiramisu was fabulous, as was the small piece of cheesecake (who made that?) and the tiny bit of Kirsten's fabulous birthday cake that I managed to fit it. And a lovely starry night to cycle home in.

Another lie-in Sunday, then pottered happily round the house all day, got in a game of chess at some point with rjk, and watched some more Buffy. Have now finished Season 1 and should return it to Rachel. Sausage and bacon and egg for lunch: yum. And then Mike came over and joined me for dinner, where he got to find out just how cheatingly easy some of my cooking is, before we went out and joined Ned and Beth for a pint in the Radegund and then on to the Fez for DJ Yoda. We drank too much by far (or I certainly did) and I danced my socks off. Or more truthfully (since I wasn't wearing socks) I did my best to dance my trousers off - had to keep stopping to pull them back up again. Bloomin' useless things. Gave up around 1:15am and home to Mike's.

Tired today, but a pleasant morning at work really: the routine was surprisingly well behaved for a Monday, and I had a nice hour herding new postgrads, including a rather surprisedSally, who hadn't realised I worked in Engineering. I've spent the afternoon asleep, and feel rather more human for it, even if it did mean kind of skipping lunch and just going straight on to dinner. Strange day. Feels odd not going to pizza for a change. Bit rattling round the house on my own this evening: too dopey to be arsed with usenet. I have finished the book I was reading though. Not sure when rjk will be back from hitting people, but I may decide on an early night as well.

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