Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

81: The Fiery Cross: Diana Gabaldon: ISBN 0-09-071001-3

5th in the ever increasing series of time travel historical romances, and this is about as sensible as that description would lead you to expect. Intrigue, scots, gold, gems, pirates, indians, war, snakebites, fire, magic, 20th century medicine translated to 18th century conditions, weddings, murders, children. It's all a bit mad really, but enjoyable enough. Entirely set in mid-18th century America, just before the beginning of the revolution, I almost miss some of the 20th century historical research which crops up in some of the others. By the end of the book the war is still looming, the bad guy might or might not be dead, though some of his henchmen are definitely dealt with, the 20th century people are happily staying put to see what comes. No doubt in the next one. Which no doubt I will read, even though each one appeals less than the last, because I'm a sucker to know what happens next, and I have a soft spot for some of the characters. This has taken me weeks, partly because I haven't been reading much. Perhaps now it's done I'll make a dent in the rest of my to-read pile.

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