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A bridge too far

Stayed up too late last night playing bridge at Relativity again, with Clare instead of Pete this time. A nice few hands: one game each and Mike and I beat the other two on points. Mostly we all seemed to be pretty much bidding by the book though, and it was all rather satisfying. I have an urge to play more. Second evening in a row spent with Mike without being gratuitously cuddly at people. This is probably a good thing. Still very pleasant company though.

Lack of sleep as a result has made me very dopey today, but despite that the routine at work included some moderately interesting chasing down of bank related spam senders, and an email out to somewhere else with my postmaster hat on, plus a bit of useful hacking on one of Caroline's perl scripts in the 45 mins left once the routine was done. It's nice to be *asked* to rewrite what is moderately unmaintainable code, instead of just leaving it to fester.

Pleasant lunch with Andrew, though I did feel bad for yawning quite so much at him. Dozed most of the afternoon with 6music on (having found where the realplayer plugin had got to) - which seemed for the most part to be by and large good enough. Mildly irritating presenter in the afternoon. See if I get used to her. The THHGTTG on the radio when rjk got in. Finding in pleasantly amusing. Not in raptures, but then I rarely am over radio plays. Not sure why. Got some washing up done (having sneaked in while rjk turned his back to put some washing on) and dinner should be ready just in time for tonight's CSI:Miami. But that's all the crime TV there is tonight, wonder if more will turn up next week, will see.

Hopefully I'll get more sleep tonight. Lunch with rjk tomorrow, and I have duck to cook for dinner. Then the quiz. Should be another pleasantly quiet day.

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