Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Picture this

Saw this as a meme somewhere, I forget where. Took me a while, but I've been through my friends list, and picked a userpic from each one. Sometimes it's the prettiest, sometimes it's the one I think represents them best, sometimes it's the only available one. In each case it's somehow my favourite.

3c66b acronym added_entry aendr ailbhe ali_anarres
anastamosis angoel angua antinomy arkady arnhem
atreic barnacle beckyc beingjdc bellinghman bellinghwoman
boyofbadgers besskeloid bopeepsheep bootpunk brrm burkesworks
cammupper catyak ceb chickenfeet2003 cjwatson claroscuro
crag_du crazyscot damerell daneel_olivaw davefish davethedog
deadpidge dogrando doseybat ejde elb98rm elise
emarkienna emperor ewx exotic_ices eyekiller fanf
feanelwa fivemack fluffymark fluffymormegil geekette8 ghoti
glitterboy1 gnimmel hairyears hampsterboy hoiho hollyp
imc isihac j4 jbmurray jiggery_pokery jinxcw
julietk juggsy k425 k425sbug kaet karen2205
kathypuss keirf keris kitty_goth kosai lark_ascending
littlemissgoth lnr lusercop lzz marnameow martling
megamole meirion mhk missjudas mjg59 mobbsy
mpinna mr_tom mst3kgirl mstevens mtbc100 naath
naranek nassus natural20 new_brunette newcat nja
northernmonkey nou nou_cooks mwc10 perdita_fysh q_skud_
old_bloke p_a_r_a pir pjc50 pm215 pookee
pseudomonas ptc24 pto452 razornet redcountess reddragdiva
rejs rillaith rmc28 robinbloke rysmiel saffie1981
sampiano saraphale satanicsocks sbp sesquipedality shadow_jess
shereenb simonb simont sion_a skorpionuk smallclanger
songster soubrette sphyg sweh senji taimatsu
teleute the_mendicant thorfinn tienelle timeplease totkat_uk
truecatachresis tea_cantata venta vyvyan wendym wintrmute
womble yonmei zenithed cantbrigiensis foundtype paidmembers

Ta for comments, HTML now fixed. People aren't supposed to be that observant on Sundays!

Tags: meme
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