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OK, so why am I still tired? Perhaps I have just slept too much. I woke when rjk came home, and again when he got up, but otherwise was in bed from 11:30 last night til 12:30 this afternoon. Have decided definitely not to allow myself to nap this afternoon, and to get to bed at a sensible time tonight, and we shall see how I feel tomorrow.

Feeling popular today since Ned invited me to join him and Mike for lunch (regretfully declined) and I've ended up volunteering to make up a fourth for bridge at relativity tonight. This is mildly worrying given how long since I've actually played, but hey, I'm sure I'll cope. Spent the afternoon geeking and catching up on crime telly from video. A pleasant dopey sort of day.

Oh yeah, and the new Update Journal page works just fine for me, I must be lucky. I quite like it really.

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