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In no particular order:

Martin's funeral: I'm glad I went. Wanted to say goodbye. And I was glad to see a lot of people there. It might not be much comfort to him, but maybe it will be to his family. It was a nice service, although I did find the emphasis on an afterlife I don't believe in a little upsetting. Just makes it seem more of a waste. But at least I can agree he's not in pain anymore, and hope that was what he wanted.

Tiredness: feeling very tired and run down this week. I think some of it is a reaction to the funeral, and some of it is just lack of sleep. The weekend's not likely to be the quietest ever, but I'll definitely be spending a fair bit of it catching up on sleep. I was glad I dragged myself out to be sociable last night though, and am about to do so again now.

The Lyon's Den: watched the last episode yesterday, with a certain amount of surprise. Really wasn't at all the resolution I was expecting. In some ways it's good, but in others it was strangely disappointing. Wonder what, if anything, will be replacing it. Will miss some of the characters, was getting to really like them, and there certainly doesn't seem to be any scope for another series!

Work: I hope it's just the tiredness and stress but I've been struggling a bit more to keep myself motivated this week. Hopefully it'll be a bit better next week. If not I'll probably take a couple of days off the following one, since it'll be October by then. I don't know how I'm going to make it back to full time if I'm finding it this hard part-time. But overall I guess it is still a good thing. Even if only being paid for half-time is going to be a bit of a squeeze. I seem to be spending a bit less than I was though, which is good.

Karate: no, I'm not taking it up, but it doesn't half make play fighting with rjk difficult. He's now had 9 months training in stopping me hitting him. No fair.

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