Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Letter Home

Normally at the weekend I ring my mum and have a gossip. Or more accurately she usually rings me and reminds me it's my turn to ring her. Of course this week I still have no phone. So instead I wrote them a letter of what I did this week. Might as well post it here.

Hi all! 
Our phone's still not working, so I thought I'd drop you a line by email 
and tell you all the news this way.  As you've probably already spotted 
I've already decided to retire the lnr@lspace.org address officially. 
It just seems silly to carry on trying to use it when sometimes it 
doesn't work at all. 
Monday was a bit mad: was already planning to be in in the afternoon for 
our NTL engineer who was due 12-6, and then since my ankle was still 
nasty I had to go to the doctors in the morning too.  I did work from 
home though, and through until well into the afternoon.  In fact I saw 
the nurse practitioner and she said it would be OK with just 
antihistamines: and in fact it was going down a bit already.  She said 
there's not much I can do about the snoring without losing weight again 
though!  And similarly with the indigestion, though she did recommend 
something to help deal with it. 
Monday night I went out for dinner with Mike, which was moderately 
entertaining.  There's a bunch of them who've been going to the same 
indian restaurant for years, since they were students, and apparently 
always been asked how their love life was going.  So on hearing Mike had 
a girlfriend he was under orders to bring me in for dinner!  And they 
even gave us a free bottle of wine!  The food was really nice anyway. 
Best Sag Aloo I remember having. 
Had a nice couple of nights in with Richard.  Making the effort to spend 
a bit less time in front of the computers is nice.  We've been watching 
a fair bit of telly, and rather enjoyed Cruel Intentions on DVD.  Plus 
we've borrowed a friend's copy of the first season of Buffy the Vampire 
Slayer on DVD.  Richard saw almost none of them when they were on the 
telly, and hadn't really come across it til last year.  We're definitely 
enjoying them anyway.  Very silly. 
And Thursday night I found out PJ Harvey was playing at the Corn 
Exchange in time to get tickets, so me and Mike went along (since 
Richard was busy).  She was really really good.  I'm amazed such a tiny 
woman can make so much noise!  The crowd seemed really odd though, some 
of it barely moving or making much noise or anything.  And I'd forgotten 
the Corn Exchange was as small as that.  I think I've got too used to 
festival crowds this summer. 
[BTW, I wrote up Reading for my journal, you can read it here if you 
like:  http://www.livejournal.com/users/lnr/344813.html  It's a bit long 
though, and possibly only interesting if you were there] 
Wednesday I think it was I had a meeting at work about increasing hours, 
which seemed to go well.  Had an appointment with Occupational Health on 
Friday afternoon and they gave me the go-ahead - so I'll be on half time 
from Monday, working 9:15 to 1pm.  Was a bit miffed at the grilling they 
gave me though, it really did feel like they were rather accusatory - 
really made me feel much less positive about work - which is a bit 
ironic really!  And the letter I got from Sally (department personnel) 
confirming it all rather strongly told me off for not arranging 
appointments in the afternoon on Monday. 
Was feeling a bit cross really on Friday afternoon.  Wasn't helped by 
finding that a not very close friend of mine had died on Thursday. 
Quite a few of us are feeling rather shaken by it.  We all knew he was 
depressed, but didn't think it would come to this.  Nothing we can do 
for him now, but we're all kind of being nice to each other.  Richard 
and I spent the evening looking after each other though.  Curled up and 
put GalaxyQuest on the telly, and ate scones with clotted cream that 
Becky brought us back from her holidays in Devon. 
Not been doing much this weekend.  There was an "Emergency Lack of Party 
Party" (ELOPP) last night, which was pleasant, if rather geeky.  Very 
relaxed affair though, especially since neither of us were drinking. 
And Richard had his karate grading this morning, doing two grades at 
once and passed both of them, so now he's a 7th kyu, which is a green 
belt.  Very impressive. 
Can't think of much more news.  Matthew's dad who was very ill a few 
weeks back has had a heart bypass operation and is apparently recovering 
well from it.  Ross and Vicky have finished moving into their new place, 
and apparently love it.  And Dan and Lucy have started going out, which 
is lovely, and I think they really suit each other.  No exciting plans 
yet for this week, and Richard's parents are visiting next weekend. 
Hope you're all well up there,  do print this out for Emily! 

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