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A more interesting meme than usual. This is what I've been doing this week:


  • R A Heinlein: Friday
  • Diana Gabaldon: The Fiery Cross (trashy fiction)
  • usenet: cam.misc, uk.misc, the Other Place mostly
  • LJ
  • Lots of spam and viruses at work
  • irc


  • Cruel Intentions
  • CSI and CSI:Miami
  • The Lyon's Den
  • Buffy Season 1: Angel and I Robot, You Jane
  • GalaxyQuest


  • Lots of stuff on random play from this collection
  • Franz Ferdinand: Franz Ferdinand (more than once)
  • Terrorvision: Good to Go
  • Fear Factory: as music to go to sleep to
  • Several tracks with Jesus in the title, on a whim
  • PJ Harvey: Rid of Me and Stories from the city, stories from the sea once)
  • Knife and Fork: live, supporting PJ Harvey
  • PJ Harvey: live at the corn exchange
  • Jeff Buckley: first few tracks from Grace
  • Pulp: We love life
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