Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


This morning I was planning to post about what a nice evening I'd had, how good PJ Harvey was, and the significance of a toothbrush.

When I left Occupational Health I was feeling cross, and wanted to post about that. Probably along the lines of what I said on irc:

> yay, go occupational health.  In convincing them I'm fit for work they make
+everything they say feel like an accusation.  So now I feel worse about work
+than I have done at all over the last month back there.  And now I've gone
+and spent money I shouldn't on food I shouldn't eat, and now can't face
+eating it anyway.  Go me.

But then I heard some news that makes it all fade into insignificance. Makes me wish I could have done more to help someone I knew was struggling. All I can do here is repeat Diana's post to chiark.chat and echo her sentiment. I'll miss you Martin.

chiark.chat #10953
From: Diana Galletly
Subject: Martin Cooper: RIP
Date: Fri Sep 10 15:01:47 BST 2004

[ proper obituary to follow ]

I'm very sorry to have to tell everyone that Martin Cooper is no longer
with us.  Few details are known as yet, but I have been told that he
killed himself, and his mother identified the body this morning.  He
had been struggling with depression for some time.

RIP, Martin.  I will miss you.

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