Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


I seem to keep writing things which don't really have very much interesting to say. Which I guess is a sign that nothing very exciting is happening much. I'm reading again, which I haven't been doing for a while now. Not sure why I got out of the habit. Doesn't really merit a post of it's own but:

Borrowed Heinlein's Friday from the bookshelves at home as light reading on Saturday night. I can see why it appealed so much to teenage-me. I still like it, in some ways. It's always interesting in old SF to notice which things are now old hat, which are still thought of as futuristic, which we have and are still new and shiny, and which we're no longer likely to bother with at all. In some ways the tech in this is all very old-fashioned. In others it's just as much fantasy now as it was then.

Might actually get round to finishing some of the ones I'm in the middle of. And reading all the new ones. And the rest of the Chalet School, now I have all of it. Not likely to read much tonight though, but looking forward to PJ Harvey anyway. *bounce*. acronym was talking of setting up a mailing list for gig herding in Cambridge, which might be a nice idea. I'm terrible at spotting what's on before it's already too late to get tickets, and can't always rely on striking it lucky. Haven't been to the cinema in a while. Must see if there's anything on I fancy any time soon.

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