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Eleanor Blair

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Is it me?

Or is LJ quiet this afternoon?

Strange being in with rjk working from home. Heading out in a bit for dinner with sgt, then will possibly drag him out for the quiz at the Carlton. Should be a pleasant evening either way. Still pretty tired, and hence things dragging a bit at work, but in general it's still going well. Today I learned how to drive my irc client better. And invaded a couple of channels I've not been in before/lately. Nice. Put on weight again since last week, and spent too much money at Reading. Tempted to buy ticket for next year already though. Will have think and look at bank balance. Going home for the day on Sunday. Would go for weekend but don't want to spend it all away again. And would miss fanf's birthday do. Should ring mum and be organised. September is now filling up already, and it's only just started. The air was pretty crisp this morning, but it's been a lovely day.

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