Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Just about finished packing. Have now added my glasto packing list to memories so next time I can find it more quickly. The one thing I seemed to forget this time was a torch. Current plan is to shower and change shortly, spend the afternoon quietly geeking, and head over to meet Mike at the station once he's finished work. Definitely looking forward to this, even if I am a little apprehensive: not done Reading before, and not met most of Mike's gang who'll be there.

In other news:

Nice lunch today with hairyears, simonb and ottah in The Bun Shop. I'd really like their portions of chips to be about half the size, but thankfully Nile helped eat a few of them. Work was productive again, as it has been most of the week, though I was a little tired.

Yesterday had lunch with Mike and sorted out train tickets, then had dinner with Richard at Charlie Chan's, which was nice, though downstairs definitely has a lot less class than upstairs. Came joint second-to-last with two other teams in the quiz. Should have taken Col's first guess at the number of pubs called The Crown in the UK at the end of 2002: he said 1000 and the actual number was 1002. Oh well, better luck next week. And then over to Mike's to help him dye his hair. It's very pretty :-)

Tuesday I worked later than usual because of the late start, which left a short afternoon. Had a very pleasant evening in with rjk and the crime telly anyway. And I think that's more or less where I last posted.
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