Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

More Feh

Symptoms almost entirely gone this morning, so doc gave me a prescription to use only if they came back. Which they seem to be doing a little this evening. Guess I'll be going to the chemist tomorrow morning. He's sent a test off to the lab to check exactly what it is.

Other than that things aren't bad though, worked through until 2ish to make up for being late in, but it was a pretty productive morning. For some reason we seemed to have a lot more mail arrive at the department yesterday than usual. Around 110K messages, of which 65% were for unknown users, and only around 10% at best were actually legitimate mail. Scary.

Spent the afternoon quietly geeking, and fixing my hair. The roots needed bleaching, and then the rest needed redying to make it all evenly pink again. So I decided to make it deliberately uneven and have a purply blue streak in the front instead. I quite like the effect. rjk seemed a little ambiguous.

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