Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Minor illness kind of interrupted my evening. Was feeling fine all day until just before I went out to pizza, when I noticed I was having trouble peeing without it hurting. Drank lots of water, still hurts and of course I need to go lots. Then I realise I'm peeing pink. Uh-oh. Tried to stick out post-pizza for a bit but was feeling too uncomfortable and vaguely worried about it, so went home instead. Phoned NHS direct, who say if it gets worse call emergency doc but otherwise see GP in morning. Will probably be a urinary tract infection requiring anti-biotics. In the meantime drink lots, and go to the loo as soon as you feel the need. Thankfully thought to check painkillers were OK, and having taken a couple of ibuprofen I'm now feeling much less bad than I was. It's a shame really, missed seeing Mike this evening, since he didn't get back from the gym til after I'd left. And it's going to mess up scheduling tomorrow, having to go to the docs. Ah well, can't be helped much.

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