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3 days in brief

Sunday: lazy morning. Afternoon and evening at GR while rjk was off painting. Music, good company, talked lots, went out to dinner. Good way to spend the day.

Monday: work still not bad, pleasant afternoon, coffee with E-J in town then pizza. Post-pizza had sing-along-Radiohead and Bridge, which are both good. A communications mix-up meant a rather hasty exit just as the second rubber began, but I was only watching anyway. Really trying hard not to balls stuff up. Oh and I successfully bid on a Reading Festival ticket on ebay. That's the bank holiday weekend booked then.

Tuesday: tired at work, but still getting along OK. Beginning to let myself get more distracted. Must nip that in the bud. Need to find things to do while waiting for bits of automagic processing to finish. Cooked dinner for rjk in the evening. Something of a success: I managed to make passable onion gravy. And the sausages had garlic in. And so did the mash. And the pudding had chocolate and cream and icecream and booze. What more could you want? Crime telly on 5 also good. Definitely getting into The Lyon's Den more each week. Want to know what happens next.

Tomorrow: work, lazy afternoon, some housework, dinner out with rjk?, Carlton quiz.

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