Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Nice party

Lovely to meet Sean (sorry, forgotten your id) and marnameow, nice to see other people I knew like Karen and Sion and John from work, nice sin free food, nice not sin free cake and whisky and vodka and minty things, nice to dress up. No sins left but what the hell, I don't think I went over at all. Simes was mildly snuggly on the sofa, which was good at distracting me a little while rjk was being snuggly with vicky (it's not that I mind at all, I just still feel a bit weird so it's good to have something else to think about ;-). Vicky conveniently wants to see rjk on Wednesday, which happens to be when Jan is free too, so I think that's an excellent plan. It's later than I thought it was, since last time I looked at the clock it was earlier than I thought it would be. Weird how time does that sometimes. And lovely to cycle home on a bike that glides along on nice solid tyres with no squeaks or rattles from the mudguards and stay clean and shiny in the process.

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