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More about Nodnol

Hadn't seen Kitty properly for ages, not even more than just to say hello at Glasto, so he suggested it might be an idea to pop down and spend a day being sociable while I'm still off work. So I eventually dragged myself into town in time to catch the 11:15. Had a very large breakfast on the train, and apparently Kitty wasn't all that hungry, so instead of going out for lunch we went for a wander through Islington, and stopped for coffee and then a pint, before he had to get back to home for some more work at 3. Not sure I could find that pub again, called the Crown I think, London Pride and big comfy leather sofas are a good thing. And we had a long chat about nothing in particular and it was good. While he was working in the afternoon I sat and read most of Small Gods, which was fun. Didn't realise I read that fast actually.

And then we pottered out again to meet Tom (zenithed) and some of his friends (Liz, Tory and soemone whose name escapes me who arrived rather later) in the Angelic near Angel. Slightly less of my sort of beer so was drinking Guinness until I realised they had bottled Old Peculiar, which is a dangerous discovery. Had a lovely long chat and then nearly fell over as I realised that Liz was Liz Keogh in particular, who I have previously heard of but never met. Even more fallingoverworthy was the discovery that in fact I've known her sister Sarah for years. It just never occurred to me that they'd be related, since I met Sarah in Oxford, and knew of Liz through Cambridge people, and even with an unusual surname... Anyway, extremely small world. Liz asked me to say hi to various people, Diana in particular, but I've forgotten her LJ username so can't pass it on.

They all wandered off at 8 to go and see Spiderman too, while Kitty and I stayed to finish our drinks. At this point it was really quite a long time since I'd last had anything to eat, and three pints and a bottle of OP is really quite a lot of booze. So we rather giggled a lot as we made our way back up the road to another nice pub, much more of a foody place, can't recall the name but I think it began with a B and it had lavender growing outside. Inside they had excellent steak with mushrooms and spinach, and good chips, and really rather nice wine, which Kitty chose. Californian, not heard of the grape before. Can't find it online. And after I was accidentally chatting up a rather butch woman at the bar while Kitty was answering yet another phonecall, he walked me back to Angel, for the tube and train home.

It was a great way to spend the afternoon/evening. And far more drunken than I've been in a while, but entertainingly though. Was very entertained at my butch friend trying to guess the dynamic between the two of us. Somehow knowing you're not actually planning to do anything about it makes flirting more fun. Will have to try and make it down for August's Bmovie anyway regardless.

Today I got up surprisingly un-hungover and staggered sleepily into town for lunch. Which might have explained why I was impatient enough to tug on my bike lock hard enough to break the key off in it while trying to get the thing open to lock my bike up. So lunch contained an unexpected visit to Ben Haywards to buy a new lock. Will probably continue to use the old one, since I got the key out using WD40 and pliers and still have a spare. Also managed to pop into Boots to get my glasto pics developed, so will be heading back into town tomorrow to pick them up. No idea if they'll be any good at all. And no idea what the third film will have on, it's been knocking round the house for 2 or 3 years. Probably too deteriorated to get much off but worth a try anyway.

Looking forward to dinner at HotPot once rjk gets back from Karate. Must do something sociable tomorrow evening perhaps, since I know my mum and dad are now expecting to arrive sometime mid-Saturday.

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