Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Plan for today

Housework: washing, washing up, washing kitchen floor, hoovering, cleaning bathroom, some sewing to repair a couple of things, general tidying. RJK had volunteered to do at least some of this and some of the rest is underway.

Eat: always a good plan. I should have lunch straight away and dinner later I guess. Green day will probably work best with the likely food at Simes and E-J's so I'll go for that. Hmm, think of what to eat.

Shower, dress up, go out: well there's not a lot of point showering before all that work I can tell you from experience. I intend to go very easy on the sins tonight, and try be as close to sin free as possible while still having fun. I've 23 sins left, but I think I might try not to use them all this week in the hope of losing a bit more weight.

Might find time to read or something too. And of course the obligatory geeking. Which would be easier if chiark we're busy faffing with everything in sight, but never mind :-)

Tommorrow I intend to relax, make a lasagne and go round to Sion and Jan's to eat it and watch the second two episodes of tipping the velvet. And then it'll be Monday again and already I don't want it to be. Oh well.

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