Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Too many late nights

Sunday night I wandered along to the pub in the evening, and a quiet few drinks turned into a long evening of narging about metal mostly, with a rather incongruous bunch of people. Nice to see Chris Ball again, and to meet his friend Steve, who was in Cambridge for an interview on Monday. Hope it went well anyway. We drank whisky which was older than half the people in the room, Mobbsy played DJ, Pete moshed and made his head ache, and a good time was apparently had by all.

Monday I went along to pizza again, and it was lovely to talk to Martin. Post-pizza was surprisingly small, and in my case surprisingly sober, since I was drinking Irn Bru not port. Though I did introduce people to the Berwick-upon-Tweed. We played Apples to Apples, and collapsed in giggles at the idea of not only JFK's assassination but also Pearl Harbor being considered "casual". It was a pleasant gathering anyway. Would have been nice if rjk came along though.

Today it is almost very tempting to go to the Calling, but I really think I need a quiet night in, and so does rjk. Wednesday I'm popping down to visit Kitty for the day. Should be nice to catch up since we haven't really talked in a while. Thursday I'm taking rjk out to dinner after Karate, which I expect to be nice. And at the weekend my parents are coming down. They've got a cottage booked in Norfolk for a week from Saturday, though in fact we'll probably not be using it for the last few days, since it's the folk festival. Which I'm looking forward to.

And after that I might be going back to work. Which is pretty scary really. I've definitely had a few rather obvious anxiety dreams about it over the last couple of months. Though not so much lately. Last night I seemed to be having an odd dream which keeps recurring, which seems to be about moving out of a college room, and lots of packing. It was an odd variant on it though, since most of it seemed to be based on a landing outside the corridor, since they wouldn't let me in without ID and I couldn't find the ID card, and I ended up going through bags and suitcases trying to find it. And a particularly enormous heap of shoes were uncovered in the process. All very strange.

I slept in too long today really, but maybe I can get some useful things done this afternoon.

And yes, for the avoidance of doubt, I seem to be going out with Mike, which is a very very good thing indeed, but I'm not going to go on about it because it would be unfair and hurt people.

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