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More awake

Was nice to go along to E-J's party yesterday, even if I didn't stay all that long. I'd forgotten there was going to be BBQ, which is a shame. I'd already eaten when I arrived so didn't even have room for any of the nice things that other people had over-catered with. Was amused when Andrew suggested I was allowed to go into the living room (implying he wasn't) and couldn't work out why immediately - until I realised it was a room full of girls. For a bunch of women who largely supposedly have mostly men as friends there were really rather a lot of us. E-J was looking resplendent in her new boots, even if she didn't leave them on long. Karen's hair definitely looks cool. If not even cooler. Oh and the new conservatory is lovely. Everyone was mostly complimentary about my hair. And I was still jumping when walking past mirrors or shiny windows. I really ought to get used to these things quicker but it's so bright blue it's a shock. Still rather full of cold, and left early when rjk had to head off to the cinema. I'm sure everyone else continued to have a good time without me though.

Today I have so far had a very quiet and sleepy day. But the cold is definitely feeling better. rjk has been hacking pretty solidly on disorder, and I keep finding small new features (improved user-interface on he volume control just now). It makes up for the occasional abrupt restarts mid-track. I suspect the rest of today will probably be rather lazy too. But that is what Sundays are for. And the rain even stopped me having to mow the lawn just yet. I *will* do it when the weather's dryer though.

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