Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

I see the bright lights tonight

Lately I've been watching the first season of Buffy, borrowed from Rachel. 6 episodes in now. Xander as an evil hyena was quite cute really. Also this week watched TDAT on Thursday, which did indeed have extended scenes of both peril and persil. Very very silly really, but some spectacular effects. Can't quite get over the fact that Sam is played by Greg from CSI. Oddly enough saw last night's CSI today, but it was CSI Miami instead, so didn't have Greg in. I gather they're swapping slots though, for some unspecified reason. And last mentioned but neither least nor in fact last chronologically we went to see Shrek 2 this afternoon and shrieked with laughter loud enough to ignore most of the small child noises from the rest of the cinema. It was really really fun, with some wonderful images and a zillion daft references. And more unusual covers than you can shake a stick at. Very tempted to get the soundtrack at some point. As for whether it's suitable for tinies, not sure. There were some fairly small kids around who seemed to be enjoying it. I dunno how much they'd be able to follow the story.
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