Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


I had a really nice evening last night for the most part. The only thing that slightly spoiled it was an impressive puncture on the way home from work, which meant I had to walk from Liz Way home, but never mind. I still got home in time to cook some dinner before Jan came round at 7, and brought us lovely presents (chocolate truffles, cheese with beer in, and a very cute Guinness tshirt for me) so I gave her my presents from France too (biscuits for her and Sion to share, and some Nougat chocolates just for her) decided to save the bottle of nice wine for another night though. Had a nice dinner anyway and then rjk gave us a lift over to the Portfolio Singers practice.

My sight reading is rusty. I never was as good at it with singing as with playing an instrument anyway, since I don't really have a good enough sense of pitch to be very good at getting things right. With a cornet you hae the added advantage that you move the valves to the right position and you only have to get your own sense of pitch within vaguely the right area and it just works, instead of having to be spot on. It would be easier if I sang soprano since at least then I'd have the tune rather than harmony, and it's much easier to bluff :-) Had a nice time anyway, and was amused to realise that Jan had asked if it was ok to bring me along as "my girlfriend" rather than by name, which rather caught Tim Cutts by surprise. Had a nice time anyway and I think I'll probably try keep going. I do think I ought to be able to improve at least to a halfway decent level with some practice.

Then we dashed home and got changed into pretty outfits and headed off to the Calling, arriving about 11:15, and was rather flattered at how pleased to see me people were. Lots of people were looking vary lovely, didn't see lark_ascending's outfit properly but it looked rather nice, and valkyriekaren's red velvet dress was gorgeous. Was particularly impressed by the three people who'd come in fancy dress together as Cassidy, Preacher and Tulip from the Preacher graphic novels. Felt we had to go and tell them how nifty it was and was pleased we did since apparently only 3 people had got the reference. Cassidy in particular was very impressively convincing. There's was a rather cute guy in a cat outfit complete with tshirt with "NEKO" across the front too, which made me smile. Nice to see people like davefish too, haven't seen him in ages. He was of course suitably poingy :-)

Spent much of the evening snuggling with Jan which was very nice indeed. The music when we arrived wasn't too hot, but some of it was OK, and we got a bunch of decent classics in a row the Neph, NMA, Siousxie and Bauhaus, which was nice for a sad old goth like me, and got the other SOGs on the dancefloor too. Many many ickle baby goths there, presumably freshers I guess, disturbing just how young they look: it's worse than policemen! Left before they finished, around 20 past 1, and Sion gave me a lift home which was very much appreciated. I hope we didn't make him feel *too* gooseberryish.

Shattered this morning of course, and decided the puncture repair would wait so I got the bus in and arrived in plenty of time for my meeting (a SIG on the registration process) to find it had been cancelled and they were going to have a meeting about the recent security problems instead. Oh well, gives me a chance to wake up a bit before I do any real work.

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