Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Had a pleasant afternoon in town with karen yesterday, even if we were both getting a bit zogged and out of it towards the end. We pottered round the shops a fair bit, although we didn't buy much (pants and hairbands for Karen, sunglasses for me), and went and watched a bit of the LoTR readthrough in Borders. We caught both the beginning and the end of The Two Towers, and it was really rather excellent. Everyone seemed to be very well played. I did think Sam and Frodo were particularly good of the people we didn't know, and Matthew's Treebeard was perfect, not to mention Gollum being very very good too (but somehow Treebeard was more impressive to me, perhaps because it's not so well done in the film, IYSWIM). It was sad that the noise in the cafe overshadowed a lot of it, but it was still very very effective. Great to see everyone so involved.

Once I was home rjk and I spent a while tidying in the expectation of Paul crashing here. Which was cool because it's now lovely and neat even if Paul decided to go home in the end. Amazing how much difference you can make in half an hour. We also got to test out the digital TV feed and watch CSI and Law and Order in perfectly crisp vision for a change. There does seem to be a bit of crackly noise in the background when things go quiet. Will have to keep an ear on it and see if it goes away in a few days or if we need to ring up for a replacement too!

Have updated previous post on packing to take suggestions into account. Hopefully by Thursday we'll both be feeling much better. But even if we're still knackered I'm sure we'll still enjoy the weekend. Will be keeping an eye on the BBC 5 day forecast as well as the link Jan posted in comments there. Looking forward to it :-) Still haven't decided on hair colour yet though.

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