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Have spent over a week doing nothing much worth talking about. Faffing mostly. OK there probably were some things worth mentioning, if I'd been feeling like writing, but I wasn't, so I didn't. Nice dinner with Simon last Tuesday, other than that I've mostly been pottering round the house. Having a hose for the purposes of fake rain is excellent when it is hot. Met with dept and OH to talk about going back to work. Possibly part-time in around 6 weeks, well, 5 weeks now really. We'll see.

Went out to quiz last night, and we managed to come last in the main quiz and win a fab booby prize and then get the closest guess to the populkation of the UK at the 18:01 census and answer the question right to win the 30 quid bonus round. Nice one. Was nice to see people too, even if I wasn't drinking. Today I got a nice woman to cut my hair. She couldn't dye it too because I haven't had a skin test there, and it's salon policy. So now I have a blob of dye behind my ear and have to go back tomorrow. I suspect I'm not reacting to it, since I keep forgetting it's there. I also got Glastonbury tickets and train tickets in the post. W00t! Oh and I found a folk festival ticket earlier in the week too which is cool since they'd sold out, and it would be a bit daft with my mum and dad going and me not.

Tomorrow after changing my hair colour (not decided what to yet!) I'm off on the train up to Leeds for the w/e. The Blues Band are playing somewhere on Friday night and 11 of us are going (5 family, 2 hangers on for my sisters, 2 couples who are family friends). Saturday morning we're having a family portrait photo done. They won it free somehow. I have to wear pink. It could be worse. And then Saturday afternoon my sister Steph and her bloke Dave (known to some in these parts as undone) are having a BBQ and party to celebrate having a kitchen again. Sunday lunch and then home again, where hopefully rjk will have passed his karate grading.

The following w/e is the LOTR reading and the one after that is Glasto. Just as well I'm not in work at the moment or I'd never be able to cope with the pace of the weekends.

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