Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Another night of broken sleep. My intermittent snoring is keeping rjk awake, and this in turn is keeping me awake, and making us both mildly cross. Resorted to sleeping on the sofa again, at about 6:30am. And the hose I bought mid-week is not yet usable since we don't have any taps which stick out enough for a standard universal adapter, and none of them are threaded either. I have ordered a special adaptor for square/mixer taps though, and we shall see if the solves the problem. Other than that I guess I'm not really grumpy. Had a nice lunch and have made chilli for dinner already so will only have to put some rice on later when we want to eat, and I've managed to get some more of the washing up mount-doom under control too, which is always good, and I've ordered some shopping from tesco which will arrive Tuesday, since they don't seem to be doing deliveries tomorrow - that or they're already fully booked. Very tempted just to go and doze for a while now. Not sure when rjk will be back since they've gone walking.

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