Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Tiredness is still hanging on to me despite an early night last night. Was almost reluctant to go out this afternoon, but I'm glad that I did.

Becky's BBQ was lovely, there was lots of very nice food, especially wendym's garlic icecream and ghoti's potato salad with lots and lots of garlic. Expanded on ptc24's idea of cooking spuds in the coals by pre-slicing them and adding garlic butter, which seemed to work quite well. And pseudomonas (who it was nice to meet) had a similar approach with chocolate and garlic, which always works well. And Thomas and Emily (WANOLJ) brought rather nice choc icecream with added chocolate and more chocolate.

Anyway, pleasant weather since it was warm without overfully sunny and pleasant company, including people like womble2, soubrette and jvvw who I don't see very often. Ran away not long after everyone moved inside since I wasn't feeling quite awake enough for interacting with lots of people in smaller space than the garden.

Since then have been geeking, and had a long hot bubbly bath with added sparkly bits and a G&T to drink. Will probably grab something small and supper-like then head to bed. Early for a Saturday really, but I'm shattered as a very tired thing.

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