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I seem to have made up for a bunch of not terribly useful days in a row by getting *everything* done today. Another wall of skirting board painted, and a second coat on the radiator. Only the last wall and a tiny bit to do, though that includes the door(frame). Then I took to the outside. At the front I hacked back bushes, trimmed long grass against the wall, removed dead clematis, mowed lawn, tidied all the rubbish into the green bin, and sowed some grass seed on the barer bits. In the back I mowed the lawn, lengthened the herb border and moved the fennel, put the turf this created on a barer bit and watered it in thoroughly, deadheaded the tulips and tidied the pots, and swept the patio and path at the back. And then I figured inside needed more attention so I tidied and wiped the kitchen surfaces, tidied the living room, and hoovered the entire downstairs. Then I collapsed. Hard work, but almost certainly worth it.

Probably skipping pub quiz this evening, but will no doubt be in the Carlton tomorrow.

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