Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Good Weekend

Saturday was full, but fun. We got through 3 B5 episodes in the afternoon, leaving only the last two of season 3, probably for the first weekend in June at this rate. And then we headed off to the cinema. As others have said Troy wasn't exactly strictly true to the Iliad that inspired it. It was however a fairly good film in its own right, and I was rather pleased with some of the characterisations - Paris in particular I thought was rather fun. Other things bugged me a little, like Patroclus being quite so young and untried, rather than a pretty good warrior in his own right. And I'm amazed they entirely missed out Cassandra - it really was a film which could have done with a bit more strong female presence, and who better? Overall I did enjoy it lots though, and would recommend it. Afterwards Richard and I fitted in a rather pleasant meal at the hotpot (their £12.50 per head set meal is rather nice actually) before heading to Sally's birthday party at ChezBofh. Gail made some rather excellent (if lethal) long-island iced tea. We had drinking games over the scoring of the Eurovision song contest. Watched MBM doing poi in the beautiful cool late evening air outside, and generally had a nice time.

Sunday morning was thankfully only a little hungover, though I realised later that I really ought to have had more than coffee for breakfast. Tesco arrived early enough with a case of white wine that we could arrive at Becky's at 11. By 12:50, and with much faffing of sunscreen and oil and map-reading before we set off, we'd made a nice brisk pace and arrived almost an hour early for lunch at the Anchor Inn in Sutton Gault. With a menu that made me drool and made poor Becky realise how ill she was feeling. Though she was looking rather better after an hour's rest and a bowl of soup. The rest of us had larger main courses, and some of us had rather excellent puddings too. The Coffee Anglais with my Chocolate Marquise was the loveliest thing imaginable. Like a really good espresso mixed with lots of cream. We came a slightly longer route home and I was definitely flagging by the end of it. 34ish miles in total, and a great day out. Though the bit on the rather bumpy and slightly muddy bit of bridlepath did nearly completely do me in, I just don't seem to have the knack of it, for Ben's bike is even less suitable for that sort of terrain than mine and he had no trouble. Today I have a very sore bum and a sunburnt arm to show for it. Serves me right for not taking as much care with the sunscreen on my lower arms than I did on the rest of me.

Today I've been tired, but got to the Docs in the afternoon. Another 4 weeks sick leave, and I have an appt with Occ Health towards the end of that, where I intend to talk about how to go about easing myself back into work. Also agreed to try on 40mg of Citalopram for a while, rather than 60. Can always go back if I find I'm struggling. And Tesco just rang and offered me free delivery on the other case of wine I ordered which was out of stock on Sunday but has now suddenly appeared. Should be arriving on Weds and they'll ring and give me a time when they know. Cool.
Tags: bike, life, work

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