Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Hello World

One of the reasons I'm typing a long entry is because I've just stripped most of the keys from my keyboard, cleaned underneath, and then replaced them. One or two are a little stiff as a result, but it needed doing because it had got so icky that the spacebar was sticking. I've gone and lot one of the sproingy washers that makes the keys pop back up properly though, and can't work out where it has gone. Initially it was one of the ones from the right shift key, and I definitely decided I can't do without that one, since that key without it couldn't decide if it was actually pressed or not. Have currently replaced it with the one from the Scroll Lock key and it's working better. Oh hang on a minute - it does only need one after all, it just wasn't quite clicked far enough into the two thingys. That would explain why I couldn't find an extra one anyway. Much better now. Anyway, I think the whole thing is now a little better, the spacebar is working properly again, and everything looks much cleaner, so that's nice. I shall leave it that.

Not much exciting happening. Nice time at last night's quiz, even if we were a long way from winning it was still a respectable score. Though the Anoraks were a long way ahead of even the second place team this week. Nice beer anyway.

Saturday is looking exceedingly busy at the moment, B5 at 2, Troy at 5ish, then a choice of two parties. We won't be able to make your concert Jan since the film doesn't finish until around 8. This is a shame.

Sleep cycle has gone to hell again, slept late yesterday and even later today. Finally did get some of the washing up done this evening while rjk was at karate though, which is good since it was taking over the kitchen again and now I don't feel quite as useless as I was at that point. Enjoying watching my first ebay auction going along happily. Up to 19 quid now! Trying to wait until all the current auctions are done now before working out which Chalet School gaps still remain. It won't be many, but I'm going to have a hell of a dent in my bank balance.

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