Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


A slightly odd day. Got up earlyish despite being knackered (bed at around 1:30am and the birds woke me up at 5:30) but ended up dozing off mid afternoon as a result. Read lots. Not much else during the day. In the evening I managed to talk to all of my immediate family. Arrange a night in at my mum's house with Steph, a contribution towards a family friend's wedding present with Emily, and the plan for the weekend with mum and dad, as well as catching up with lots of gossip. So that was useful. And watched today's time team since it was in Castleford which was our local town for a long while, and hence more interesting. Looks like they found some interesting stuff anyway. Bid on a couple of very cheap odds and ends on ebay, ordered some clothes (strappy tops, shorts, stretch black jeans) from the cheap large sizes catalogue I sometimes use (http://www.fashionworld.co.uk/), and some shopping from tesco including grass seed. Feeling a bit like getting a slightly early night.

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