Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

What I did at the weekend

Friday night: pizza/vids

Saturday: sleep, B5 (3 good and interesting episodes) and then a BBQ at Vicky's, which was nice.

Sunday so far: sleep, geek, mow lawn, read, geek, cook chilli.

Later we will eat chilli and probably watch on the the mediocre looking films on telly tonight. Cate Blanchett in The Gift on 4 or Bruce Willis in Striking Distance on 5. In fact we'll probably watch the latter and tape the former. The reception on channel 5 is poor enough that with the video on another channel it just plain won't display, which is weird. Have decided to try and make sure I notice a) nice things happening around me and b) me doing anything that could count as useful or productive. If I concentrate on them maybe it will encourage me to keep doing them.

Good things: glorious weather, nice friends, nice food, nice films, books etc.
Me not being useless: the lawn, cooking, and washing up.

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