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Meme collection

Which Nigerian Spammer are you?:

You are Princess Agbani. You are a student at the University of Nigeria, Lagos.  You got my name through the chember of comerse.  You have $21,350,000 to share, which your father, the king, left you. You have trouble spelling.
Which Nigerian spammer are You?

A-Z quiz:

A is for Age: 28
B is for boyfriend/girlfriend: Yup.
C is for Career in future: Um.
D is for dead person you would like to meet: Jesus.
E is for essential item: Air.
F is for favourite song atm: Year 3000, Busted.
G is for guys/girls you've kissed: Many.
H is for hometown: Cambridge.
I is for instruments you play: Cornet, clarinet, tin whistle, smartie tube.
J is for job title: Computer Officer
K is for kids: none at the moment.
L is for living places: Northallerton, High Spen, Whitton Gilbert, Kippax, Allerton Bywater, Oxford, Cambridge.
M is for memory of the day: of today? Nothing exciting yet.
N is for number of people slept with: 13ish.
O is for overnight hospital stays: none.
P is for phobias: Falling, but no heights. Teeth falling out.
Q is for quote you like: "Inconceivable!"
R is for relationship that lasted longest: rjk, 6-7 years
S is for sexuality: Yup.
T is for time you wake up every day: 8 by alarm. Late otherwise.
U is for unique trait(s): Um.
V is for veg you love: Carrots.
W is for worst habit: Picking nose.
X is for X-rays you've had: teeth, collarbone, hand.
Y is for yummy food you make: chololate fudge cake.
Z is for zodiac sign: Scorpio.

Childhood meme:

Describe the circumstances of your birth
A couple of weeks late, in a maternity hospital in Northallerton which I believe no longer exists. Apparently just as they were changing shifts midafternoon, so there were loads of people around.

Describe the very first place you lived
A two-up two-down terrace in a quiet street. Only there for less than a year I think.

What is your earliest memory?
Not very early. Earliest I can definitely place are at infant school. Playing in the playground.

When was the first time you thought "I'll always remember this moment"?
Can't remember ever thinking that.

Describe your childhood imaginary friends

Describe some of your favourite toys
There was a rather good push-along panda. Still have teddy and teddy, who I love to bits.

What's the first joke you remember making?
Mosquito-related knock knock jokes are the first I really remember being very amused at telling

List and describe the communities you are subscribed to:

cantabrigiensis: Cambridge University related stuff. Not on default view.
kittenherder: For organising stuff to do among the group of people marna describes as the kittens.
paidmembers: Occasional useful info for paid members.
pie_scoffers: Trivial pursuit based quizzes. Not on default view.
slimmingworld: Support for those following this diet. Not on default view but read regularly.
uk_misc: uk.misc readers and exiles. Not on default view but read occasionally.

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