Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Quiet weekend overall. 51st State on the telly on Sunday night was surprisingly quite good. Very silly drugs thriller set mostly in Liverpool.

Today has mostly been a day of small errands. Went to the doctors and have more pills and another 4 weeks of sick note. Bought stamps to post a couple of letters on the way home. Noticed in passing that the local One Stop is closed for refurb and will be becoming a Tesco Express. Then once home spent half an hour bike fettling. Chain nicely cleaned and re-lubed. Tyres not replaced though. In trying to exert enough leverage on the spanner attachment of my multitool thing to undo the wheel nuts I went and bent it. Gave up at that point, will try again with real spanner later, but was getting hungry.

Nice lunch with rjk, who was working from home as his leg's still sore. Then spent most of afternoon bleaching the bits of hair I'd missed (with help from rjk) and then re-dyeing the lot red again. It's come out really nice. Have ordered some more temporary dye in rose red and violet and neon blue since that was the end of this tub (Directions hair dye). Then shuffled books into the new bookshelf space in the living room. And then Tesco arrived bearing much booze, nice food, and a DVD of Calamity Jane.

Still no sign of parcel from Amazon. Rang them (Securicor Omega Express) at 4:35 since their phone lines close at 5 and they sounded offended at me being so impatient and assured me it was out for delivery today and that some of their drivers work right through until 7! I suspect I shall be ringing again in the morning. I shall begin to get really cross with them. That's two whole working days I've been sitting at home now. Suppose I wasn't off work and was having to take this as leave!

Anyway, shall see if rjk can be persuaded to watch musicals this evening. Have nice things for dinner:

Fresh tomato and basil soup
Steak with garlic mash and fresh vegetables
Banoffee tarte and vanilla icecream

Wonder what we have in the way of nice red to wash it down with...

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