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I really hope the weather is still as lovely tomorrow, as I have spent all of today sitting in the living room waiting for a parcel to arrive. I tried sitting upstairs but was worried I wouldn't hear, especially having missed them yesterday. They didn't show up.

I did finally ring a plumber, left a message since there was no-one in, no-one has got back to me yet. Addies haven't got back to me about seeing Dr Blakemore again either. Must ring both on Monday if I don't hear by then. And either way must go see my Doctor. Sick note ran out last Tuesday, should have sat down and worked it out sooner.

In other news I didn't sleep well last night and am approximately dead on my feet at the moment, and rjk is even more knackered by the look of it, though less sleepy. So that's another failure to get to B-movie then.

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