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Sunday, bunny Sunday

Lovely day. Up earlyish for a Sunday, lots of pottering round and then cooking.

Tom fivemack arrived in time for an aperitif before lunch, which was a success and consisted of:

Cantaloupe melon with fresh mint and preserved ginger in syrup
Roast Chicken, served with roast potatoes, julienned carrots in lemon butter, baby corn, and sugar snap peas, and a vaguely passable gravy
banana splits, made with vanilla and raspberries icecreams, with strawberries, extra thick cream and belgian chocolate sauce

All washed down with a rather pleasant chardonnay.

Then we spent the afternoon slobbing out. Tom wandered out to buy more eggs and the entire house was full of concealed chocolate. Watched the Fifth Element on video, which was a good way of doing nothing much for a few hours. And then combined the washing up from lunch with the production of bacon sandwiches, which Craig crag_du arrived just in time to help with. This meant that though Simon simont was as prompt as usual he failed to be the first.

Then the rest of the party began to arrive. We listened to Andrew acronym's rather excellent Back Catalogue radio show on CUR1350, which had a great selection of post-punk pop. More and more people seemed to arrive over time, and we had quite a crowd in the end. Though the female half of the population was rather under-represented. I was glad Karen angua was there! Simes simonb and Sion sion_a were accused of being sweet (quite fairly). Many people tried on deely-boppers and were accused of being Cyborgs. Andrew mobbsy turned out not to be in Orlando (I'm not very good at keeping track) which was a nice surprise. Generally everyone seemed to have a good time anyway, and we all rolled off towards bed at some time after two, pleasantly tired. Matthew emperor was particularly impressive in staying up so late, give he'd been up around 24 hours by the time he left. Definitely a good party anyway. And we didn't even end up with *too* many eggs left over at the end.

Hopefully photos will follow at some point when Richard finds time to upload them from the camera.

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