Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Thursday's child is full of bounce

USeful morning round the house, nice train trip down to London. Lunch with Kitty turned into an afternoon lounging on the sofa at his place, since he was off work feeling grotty. Watched The Hunger, which was fun, and the Juliet joined us and we watched Once More With Feeling which was wonderful. At some point I shall have to get buffy afficionados to start lending me tapes/DVDs starting from the first season, since I'd like to see more of it.

After that I left Juliet and Kitty to have the evening to themselves and headed over for an evening of Apocalypses with Marna. Protect and Survive was great stuff to get us in the mood. Threads was pretty chilling stuff, but very well done and interesting. Dr Strangelove was completely barking and great fun. Then a bit more Protect and Survive (remember to neatly label dead people with their name and address) and some propoganda and then the diehards of me and Jo and Martin watched Last Night which was actually rather good.

Jo left before the end, and Marna crashed out in the hall. But this meant she got more sleep and could wake me bright and early in the morning with tea. Mmmm tea. Marna and Sean headed off for ATP (which I kept hearing as 80p) and me and Martin spent the morning pottering about geeking and reading. Home now, with lunch on the train. S'been a great day/night out.

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