Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

29-34: Chalet School books: Elinor M. Brent-Dyer

I may have been a bit rash to spend a small fortune (Hah, I wish they did only cost 50 or 60p each!) on the start of a collection of chalet school books without having read any but having got through the first 6 already it seems it was not an entirely foolish decision. I like school stories anyway and these turn out to be well written examples of the genre, and the setting of them adds a little extra in terms of scenery and extra languages. There's been the fair share of new girls who take a while to settle in and are horrible for most of a term but then buck up and learn to play the game once something drastic happens. Interesting to note someone in the rival school across the lake actually gets expelled, which one rarely sees. Fun to see how much times change too. These are written and set an awfully long time ago, with very different sets of expectations for girls to what you would expect these days. But anyway, I'm looking forward to some more arriving later this week so I can continue.

29: The School at the Chalet: ISBM 0-00-690334-7
30: Jo of the Chalet School: ISBN 0-00-690335-5
31: The Princess of the Chalet School: ISBN 0-00-690601-X
32: The Head Girl of the Chalet School: ISBN 0-00-690320-7
33: Rivals of the Chalet School: ISBN 0-00-690723-7
34: Eustacia goes to the Chalet School: ISBN 0-00-690374-6

Oh yes, and I finally made myself a books icon.

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