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Short day

Didn't get up today until after 12, when Jan rang and discovered me still asleep and hence in no state to come and join her for lunch. Side effect of sleeping badly the night before really. But I did have some great dreams between 9 and 12 so that's OK. Spent the afternoon tidying and hoovering and washing up and caught a bit of telly (Ready Steady Cook and The Weakest Link - both entertaining enough in small doses). Then Simon and Mobbsy joined us for dinner.

I wanted to have a small celebration of St Patrick's Day (being half Irish). So we had a glass of Bushmills as an aperatif, a fairly authentic Ulster fry to follow with sausage, bacon, scrambled egg, beans, mushroom, grilled tomato, potato bread, soda bread and wheaten. And as if we weren't full enough already there was baileys chocolate cheesecake for afters. This is cheesecake made with 1 lb of chocolate and 3/4 pint of double cream, and with crushed hazelnuts in the base. It was yum. And they weren't lying when they said it serves 16. A 16th each felt like loads.

After that Richard and Simon flaked out and Mobbsy and I went to the Carlton for the quiz where Sion and Jan joined us to lead us to second place against the Anoraks - 49 points to their 51. It was a pretty good show really. We're going to call ourtselves the Trenchcoats next time. Seemed like more teams than usual. And then we had a play on the quiz machine too and we even ended up with two quid of change left at chucking out time. Pub didn't have anything Irish on, Jethro said it was a decision on their part since they're English and don't quite like the hype, which is fair enough. They don't mind if I bring the rest of the cheesecake in tomorrow though.

And now it's midnight and I've only been awake 12 hours and I want to go back to bed again.

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