Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Mmmmm lovely evening

Janet cooked me a nice thing with aubergine and chick peas and apricots and lots of spices in, and it was yummy even if she worried about it lots. Shared some of a bottle of wine (my last 7 sins well spent) and snuggled on the sofa until the others arrived around 10 and caught us by surprise at how late it was. Forgot to eat the strawberries so we shared them with the boys.

Programming errors on the video (turning off at 9:05 not 10:05) and the set top box (not turning on until 9:55 instead of 8:55) means we managed to record a whole 5 mins of Tipping the Velvet though. If anyone has a copy of the second episode they wouldn't mind lending us it would be appreciated. Jan and I threatened to act the episode out, given we've both read the book, but decided it would be a little *too* risque, and beside we didn't have the props to hand.

Too shy to make this post public, but Jan said she was pleased I had somewhere to be bouncy about it anyway. She suggested emma that you shouldn't worry any more about us being attached to each other than you did about us being attached to Sion and Rjk anyway ;-) It was a good point well made I thought.

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