Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Livejournal seems to work OK with lynx. Nifty.

Stunning dinner: stuffed chicken breasts (stuffed with diced chicken, mushroom, herbs, chilli, no garlic as we've run out) wrapped on bacon and cooked in the oven with more mushrooms and tomatoes and a little chilli with cheese on top. Served with new potatoes and carrots.
Needed cooking a fraction longer really, and the stuffing would have done 4 rather than 2 and it would certainly have benefited from the addition of garlic, but on the whole a roaring success and only far too filling to eat it all!
Going out once our stomachs have settled enough to cycle. Feeling much perkier than I was earlier in the day, which is good. Hopefully can find stuff to keep me occuied at work tomorrow which should be an improvement too.

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