Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Goes on as usual. Very tired from too many early mornings. Of course my 9:30am starts would make some people envious but it's very much not what I'm used to. Hopefully should begin to get used to it soon though. Getting more done at work than I had been, though some of it is automating out of the way the things I do when I can't face real work, so that might be a mistake in retrospect. Or perhaps it will just help give me more impetus to do something useful.

Finished "Juno & Juliet" by Julian Gough yesterday. My mum lent it to me and said I'd enjoy it and she was right. It's just a really lovely book, and I didn't want to put it down the previous night as I was nearing the end. I'd recommend it anyway. Now I'm starting on the latest Alastair Reynolds. Once I've read that my physical to-read pile will be almost out and I'll have to start thinking of other things to add. Perhaps I will find a copy of the latest Ken Macleod for Richard somewhere so I can read it too ;-) Or I could work through some more of his graphic novels that I haven't got round to yet. Promethea and Sin City both look enticing and meaty enough to keep me going a little while. Nice to have got back into reading again after a week of feeling like I couldn't be bothered.

Nothing much else happening really, eat, sleep, work, read, geek, eat and sleep some more. Nice lunch with angua though. And nice to hear lark_ascending's news, hopefully she'll tell everyone else soon and celebrate. Fingers crossed for ewx tomorrow too.

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