Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


So I aim to get in around 11 today, rather than at the beginning of the day. James is delayed by broken cars though, so I just have a long chat with Caroline, where we outline some ideas about what we should do to structure my day. Basically getting in earlier (9:30, not really that early but a bit of a leap given I've been getting worse and worse lately) and then prioritising my routine tasks so they get done depending on importance rather than whim, putting some things on the back burner, and hopefully getting together a to-do list of small ad-hoc things which I can be working on as time permits. All sounds good.

Get down to work and get all the routine things done by lunchtime then sit down and geek a bit over lunch. But now I'm in the office alone again as Caroline has stuff to do in town and then a meeting, and I'm not sure what to do. The routine stuff is all under control and the to-do list isn't written yet. There's a couple of things I know *will* be on it that I could be looking at I guess. And there's always the dull back burner stuff to be getting on with. Despite all the talk this morning I feel a bit like all is the same as ever and a bit lost.

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