Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Bright side

I don't want to turn into someone who only ever goes on about how bad their life is. Decided to ring the docs in the morning and not give up ringing until I have an appointment. Will see about whether I'm fit for work after that. Definitely a bit broken and in need of fixing. But trying hard to look on the bright side this evening after wallowing a bit in it earlier. So here's the good things about this weekend.

Had a nice quiet evening round at Sion and Jan's on Friday, followed by a nice long lie in on Saturday. Theatre trip on Saturday afternoon as mentioned before with a nice dinner at home before wandering over to Matthew's birthday party for a couple of hours. Shame not to be able to make E-J and Simes' anniversary party, but we were really just too under the weather.

Today has mostly been housework and shopping and general bimbling about. Bought a nice full length pine effect mirror from argos for 20 quid, it only remains to successfully attach it to the wall. Got a fair bit of my random junk piles sorted through, and I seem to have very little random junk left really which is good. Decided to give the perfume away though because it's making my head ache.

Had a nice chat and a coffee round at Vicky's and at least established that the valve on her inner tube is bust, even if we didn't actually manage to get it fixed. At least a single detached wheel is easier to carry round to a bike shop to get them ro replace it ;-)

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