Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Planes and food

Well, I've had a really nice weekend so far. Had a nice curry out on Thursday night and a fairly good day at work on Friday when I got lots done. More nice things in the garden when I got home and then I cooked us some dinner and we enjoyed The Importance of Being Earnest at the cinema. My mum keeps saying we ought to see the 1940s version which was apparently much better done. I can see that it was a flawed production but it is such a good script that it was still excellent to watch.

Yesterday we went out for the day and had a nice lunch in the Queens Head in Newton. They only serve soup and sandwiches but the sandwiches were excellent (roast beef and horseradish on lovely fresh bread) and the soup looked good too. It's a lovely pub anyway, my mum was very taken with it. It was just as well we arrived early though as it soon filled up. Then we headed over to Duxford and spent the entire afternoon looking at planes :-) I was really surprised at just how enormous the place is and how much stuff there was to see. The highlights for me were probably the sheer size of the B52 in the wonderful American Air Museum hanger and the way they'd tucked all the other planes in around, over and under it. That and getting to walk through concorde, even if it was one of the prototype/test models rather than one which has actually flown as a passenger plane. Goodness but it's small inside though! The number of dials and switches and blinkenlights in the cockpit was astounding.

Went to the Ugly Duckling for dinner and as usual had a lovely meal. The food there is so good it's hard not to, though it's not cheap. Chinese wasn't as bad on my diet as I thought it would be in the end, so long as I went easy on the rice, so that was good too. And we all had very fluffy fortunes in our fortune cookies :-) My mum and dad decided they wanted to take a different route back to our place to see if it was quicker, and as we were driving up Gilbert Road we happened to mention they were having a party, so mum and dad volunteered to drop us off and let themselves in at home and they'd see us in the morning. Didn't stay very late, and I wasn't drinking, but I had a nice time anyway and enthused at everyone about the planes.

This morning we got off to see my mum and dad off after breakfast. Feeling a bit down and under the weather now but I think it's probably a case of not enough sleep so I might go back to bed for a bit after I have some lunch. Sion and Jan coming over for dinner (we'd bought something to cook for mum and dad for lunch but they wanted to get home). I've made a cheesecake which is now setting in the fridge but actually it's just making me feel cross. Jan probably won't want any because it has aspartame in, Richard doesn't sound convinced about cheesecake at all, Sion doens't eat *anything* it seems sometimes and that leaves me with a whole cheesecake when I only have enough sins left to eat 1/8 of it. And it looks like it might come out pretty weird anyway. *sigh*.

Oh well, I should go find something to eat. Maybe that'll perk me up a bit.

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