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Great Saturday

New earring in post, nice lie in, haircut from simont which looks lovely and a pleasant afternoon spent mostly sitting on the sofa and nattering. Then down to London for sbp's birthday party which was also excellent. Talked to lots of people, some I knew already and some I didn't. Ate lovely food made by marna and simon (who seemed like a very nice chap). Drank a bit but not too much to excess. Stayed up for the grand prix then wandered to the park at 5am and got to bed as it was just beginning to think about getting light. Lovely moment in the park with doop sitting on the top of the climbing frame in long black leather coat waving blue glowsticks around with a tree sillouetted against the sky behind him as the (almost) full moon peeped out from behing a cloud. A lovely day.

And then when I got up at 11ish Ali made coffee and Andrew had pointed us at toast and lo we felt spoilt and it was good. Back to Cambridge rather than staying for the pub, probably a wise decision. Seriously considering a nap now. And later I will cook us something lovely for dinner, since today is our 6 years anniversary. *kiss* love you Richard.

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